Standard Membership

Anyone from the UK to Morocco region is allowed to become a member of ICOUK and benefit from the products and services offered as explained in the About Us page. To become an ICOUK member, you simply need to complete a Membership Registration form and wait for it to be approved by our website administrator (usually within 72 hours). This will be done as quickly as possible if all the details are completed accurately and you have responded to the confirmation email promptly.

Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to (a) log in to the website and access the members-only pages; (b) invited to take part in the discussion forum (from; (c) receive monthly reminder email newsletter (from the website); (d) join the WhatsApp broadcast list for regular moon sighting updates (by adding our admin's number to your contact list).

All the above membership benefits are managed by (and synchronised with) our ICOUK website database. In order to keep your account active, it is most important for you to interact with the website by opening the monthly email newsletter (usually titled, “Hilal Sighting Reminder for ...”) sent from on a regular basis. These email newsletters include a tiny image to detect the "Email Access" date stated on the Membership List. Therefore, please ensure you do click "Load Images" when you open our website emails (if it’s not already a default setting on your device).

If you do not access the website (e.g. open email newsletters) for up to 3 months, your account may be automatically disabled at anytime. Inactive accounts are disabled at least once a year in order to provide an efficient service to all active members (at the lowest maintenance cost) and also to comply with the GDPR laws.

Anonymous Membership

The basic details of all registered members (i.e. name, city, county) are displayed on our Members List (see About Us -> Members). This helps all members in the same area to network with each other for moon sighting purposes, such as providing training to new members and/or organise relevant events.AnonymousMembership

However, as from 1440 AH (September 2018), we have added a new option on our Membership Registration form for Anonymous Membership to help those who wish to benefit from (or support) our ICOUK activities, but they do not wish to have:

  • their names displayed on our website members list or
  • to join the discussion forum ( for the latest news.

Anyone who chooses to be an Anonymous Member will be contacted by our website administrator to confirm the reasons for their anonymity before their account is activated. This process may take a few days to organise and hence, it will be most helpful for anyone requesting to be anonymous to provide a snapshot of any documentary evidence of their position (e.g. Masjid Imam) on a letterheaded paper.

Regular Donation

In order to provide an efficient service to all our members (as well as all our website visitors) on an ongoing basis, we have invested into the latest technologies which require regular updates, maintenance, security and new development of products and services. Our forecast for next year’s (1440 AH/2019) cost is £300 pcm.

Therefore, we request all members to set up a monthly donation of a small amount by bank Standing Orders using the bank details on the donate page, InshaAllah. Any members can check all regular donations received by login to our website first and then click on the About Us > Members (Type). This information is only available to members, hence login is required.

The type of membership donation will have a code for G(old), B(ronze) or S(ilver), to denote a monthly donation of £10 (G), £5 (B) or £2.50 (S) at the date of publication (September 2018), which may change in future. All Anonymous Members are required to make a regular donation as listed above to cover the extra cost of manually maintaining their accounts.