The iOS/iPhone version of the Hijri Calendar Widgets (v1.1) is now live on the Apple App Store, See description below for more details.

Apple App Store Description
iOS1 HijriCalendar En iOS2 HijriCalendar En iOS3 HijriCalendar En iOS4 HijriCalendar En iOS5 HijriCalendar En iOS6 HijriCalendar Ar iOS7 HijriCalendar Ar iOS8 HijriCalendar Ar

How to add ICOUK Hijri Widgets to iPhone: (from v1.1.0)

The Islamic Crescents Observation for the UK (ICOUK) Hijri Calendar Widgets are based on verified Moon Sighting reports by the human eye (Muhaqaq Ruyat Al-Basari), which makes it a unique product of its kind. It will automatically synchronise the dates in the background on a regular basis with our database servers via the Internet but it will continue to work off-line when are is no internet connection. There are two Widgets provided, one for the Daily Hijri date (which is fixed to the device date) and the other one for the Monthly Calendar (which changes with the forward/reverse buttons).

The Widgets also provides future monthly dates based on predicted moon sighting (Imkan Al-Ruyat) for planning purposes (e.g. holiday and travel bookings), but the dates are synchronised on the 29th lunar date of each month (or refreshed on-demand) if it differs from the predicted month start dates. The predicted dates have been tested over 10 years (since 2008) by the ICOUK observers and have been found to be highly accurate with actual sighting dates, so it is an excellent planning tool, too.

Even though by default the Hijri Dates are based on actual Moon Signing in the UK to Morocco region, it can be used from outside this Region and hence the Widgets can be adjusted with the local Hijri calendar with up to +/- 2 days differences. In the vast majority of the cases, only +/- 1 day adjustment will be sufficient to make the App usable effectively throughout the whole world (since it is based on the centre of the world map), so there should not be any need to use a local calendar-based App by travellers from the UK/Morocco region to other countries.

The above adjustments will allow it to easily match it with the civil calendar of Saudi Arabia (Ummul Qura) or with Moon Sighting news from the Southern Hemisphere. It is provided in both the English and the Arabic languages to meet the demands of most users.

The summary of the Widget features are provided in the following list:

  • Hijri dates are based on verified moon sighting reports by the human eye
  • All the Hijri dates and settings are synchronised with online servers
  • Future Hijri dates are provided based on predicted sightings (Imkan Al-Ruyat)
  • Both the Hijri and the Gregorian dates are provided on the same calendar
  • Past and future monthly calendars can be easily viewed with navigation buttons
  • Day and Month Adjustments are provided for users from outside the UK
  • Hijri dates and help-texts can be viewed in both English and Arabic languages
  • Islamic Holidays and Events will appear on the relevant Hijri date as reminders
  • The Fore and Background colours can be adjusted to match the device theme/wall-paper
  • Daily and Monthly Hijri dates can be used separately (with the Day Adjust displayed)

We have provided ample help-text in English and Arabic to make it easier for you to get the best use of our ICOUK Hijri Calendar Widgets. If you have any difficulties using it, please contact us before leaving any negative comments. Your positive feedback ratings will encourage us to add more useful features in the future versions (such as daily prayer times), InShaAllah.