How to use the Widget

The following function descriptions refer to the numerical labels on both the Hijri Calendar Widgets (Daily and Monthly Dates) shown in Figure 1 and 2 below. The No. 1 - 3 refers to Daily Date widget and No. 4 - 15 refers to the Monthly Calendar widgets.

21 HijriCalUsage EnLabel
Figure 1
No Main Calendar Functions
1 The Arabic name of the current day and date
2 & 6 The Hijri name of the month and the year
3 & 9 The Day Adjust setting of the calendar. The default is ICOUK+0 (✓)
4 Clicking Today brings the calendar to current month and date (see 5&7)
5 The left arrow (<) reverses the calendar to back to previous months
7 The right arrow (>) forwards the calendar to future months (at least 12 months). Note that light orange background shade of the calendar indicates future (predicted) dates
8 The cogwheel opens the Setting Screen for additional functions
10 The current date is indicated by a dark orange square border
11 Any date clicked by the user is indicated by a light blue background
12 Any event (or holiday) on the date selected is shown on the calendar's bottom border

22 HijriCalUsage EnLabel
Figure 2
No Setting Screen Functions
13 Clicking the double-arrow will refresh the calendar data to the default ICOUK date settings
14 Clicking 3-dots menu will open miscellaneous functions as explained below
  Islamic Holidays - will show most common Hijri holiday dates which can be found by using the left and right arrows
  Send Hilal Report - will open the website report form (via the Internet)
  How to use Widget - will open this User Guide page on the website
  Share this Widget - will enable forwarding the Google Play/App Store link to others (on live Widget only)
  Rate this Widget - will enable open the Google Play/App Store feedback page (on live Widget only)
  About this Widget - will display the current version, notice, disclaimer and contact information via the website form or from personal email
15 Clicking the (?) symbol will display the help-texts for that function