Adjust Day and Month

The Adjust Month setting is only enabled for when a non-ICOUK Adjust Day option (i.e. ICOUK +/- 1) is chosen, e.g. when using the Widgets from outside the UK. It will let you change the Hijri month length from 29 to 30 days and vice versa (if applicable) from the default ICOUK setting.

See example calendar below for adjusting the ICOUK Hijri Calendar to the Saudi Ummul Qura calendar setting for Rajab (Month 7) to Dhul Hijjah (Month 12).

Day and Month Adjust for UK & Saudi Arabia 1439

Month NoDay AdjustICOUKMonth AdjustShift Direction
7 ICOUK+1 (0) 30 (30) 30-days left shift
8 ICOUK+1 (0) 29 (29) 29-days left shift
9 ICOUK+1 (0) 30 (29) 29-days left shift
10 ICOUK+0 (0) 29 (30) 01-day right shift
11 ICOUK+1 (0) 29 (29) 29-days left shift
12 ICOUK+1 (0) 30 (29) 29-days left shift

26 HijriCalUsage En 1439AH ICOUK HijriCal UQC1b

Note: if the Adjust Day and Month does not update the calendar automatically, simply click on the left (<) and right (>) arrows a few times. To revert back to ICOUK setting, simply click on the Refresh button, as explained in the setting description (13) in the previous section.