Hijri Calendar Widgets Workaround for Android Phone

It appears the ICOUK Hijri Calendar Widgets for Android Phone is not working correctly since the start of Muharram 1441 (September 2019).

Our App Developers will release an Update with the fix soon, InshaAllah. In the meantime, please clear all data and follow the workaround steps below (from Settings > General management) until we fix the issue.

  1. Change your phone date manually to last Hijri month Gregorian date (e.g. 31 Aug 2019)
  2. Refresh the Hijri Calendar so it shows Dhul Hijjah 1440
  3. Press the forward > button to load Muharram 1441 data
  4. Change back your phone date to current date (set to automatic date and time)
  5. Click on "Today" button on the Hijri Calendar

 Please do not hesitate to email us via our on-line Contact Us form if you have further issues.