The 2nd Criteria (1420 AH - 1422 AH)

Starting from 1420 AH Saudi starts the lunar month if the Moon sets AFTER the Sun on the 29th day of the previous month, as seen from Mecca. Although the new criteria are much better than the old ones, it still ignores the the crescent visibility! Also, at certain months they begin the month while the Moon is not yet in conjunction (i.e. new moon)!! Setting of the Moon after the Sun does NOT always imply that the Moon reached conjunction.

Kindly find below a quote from the statement of Al-Shorah Council in which they mentioned their new criteria.

A literal translation of the below quote goes thus:

"To determine the beginnings of lunar months, the collaborators in the preparation of Umm Al-Qurrah calendar should adopt the sunset before the moonset according to Mecca, and the coordinates of Al-Haram Mosque are adopted."

The statement of Al-Shorah Council of Saudi Arabia

For example, on 07 December 1999 (29 Sha'ban), the Sun will set in Mecca at 17:38 LT, and the Moon will set at 17:29. So since the Moon will set before the Sun, 08 December is NOT 1 Ramadan. Consequently, 1 Ramadan will be on 09 December.