5. Acceptable Use Policy

5.1 You agree to use the Website as permitted by these Terms of Use and for lawful purposes only. In particular, you agree not to:
(a) use the Website to receive, access or transmit material that is obscene, sexually explicit, defamatory, threatening, degrading, racist, in breach of confidence or in breach of third party intellectual property rights (including copyright) or otherwise objectionable or unlawful;
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(d) interfere with the use of the Website by other users;
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(f) use the Website to knowingly or recklessly transmit material (including viruses) or otherwise use the Website so as to cause harm to the Website, ICOUK  or other users or which is likely to bring the Website or ICOUK  into disrepute; or
(g) intentionally violate any other applicable law or regulation while using the Website.

6. Limitations

6.1 ICOUK  will do it's best to maintain the operation of the Website in accordance with these Terms of Use. However, we cannot guarantee that the Website will be technically suitable for viewing on your computer or that the Website will be delivered to you uninterrupted in a timely manner, secure or error-free.

6.2 You are responsible for providing all computer equipment, mobile phone equipment and telecommunications service required to use the Website. We cannot and do not accept any responsibility for these and cannot guarantee the continued availability of any other person or services involved in providing the Website to you.

6.3 The Internet is not a secure environment and we cannot guarantee that the Website and the server are free of computer viruses or other harmful applications. We recommend that you regularly update your browser software and use up-to-date anti-virus software to ensure that your access to the Website is as secure as possible.

6.4 Your access to the Website may be occasionally restricted due to events beyond our reasonable control or to allow for repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new facilities or services. Where this happens, we will attempt to restore the Website as soon as we reasonably can.

6.5 The Website contains links to other websites and to material contained on other websites. ICOUK  is not responsible for the content of such other websites and to the extent permitted by law disclaims all liability in respect of such content and of any other websites or content which you may be able to access from these websites.

6.6 Except for death or personal injury caused by our negligent acts or omissions, or fraudulent misrepresentation, we shall only be liable for loss or damage which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a breach of these Terms of Use.

7. Your Responsibility to Us

7.1 You shall be responsible for any losses, expenses or other costs incurred by ICOUK  which are caused by your deliberate breach of these Terms of Use.

 8. Terminations and Suspension

8.1 ICOUK  may cancel or suspend your access to the Website if:
(a) you breach these Terms of Use or misuse the Website; or
(b) you have behaved in a way which objectively could be regarded as inappropriate or is unlawful or illegal or which would bring ICOUK  into disrepute.

8.2 ICOUK  may suspend access to the Website or require you to change any passwords that you may use to access parts of the Website if we reasonably believe that the Website has been or is likely to be misused, and we will notify you accordingly.

8.3 It may be necessary, for reasons beyond our control, to terminate the Website and if this occurs we will endeavour to provide as much notice as is reasonably possible in the circumstances.

8.4 Any termination of the Website or your access to the Website will not affect the liability previously incurred by either of us to the other.