10. References

1. Hilal Sighting & Islamic Date Solutions InshaAllah by Dr Salman Shaikh (2007)
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11. Appendix 1

The 4th Meeting of the Muslim World League Fiqh Council (1981) on Local Moon Sighting

MWL 1981 hilal sighting p1
Page 1
MWL 1981 hilal sighting p2
Page 2
MWL 1981 hilal sighting p3
Page 3
MWL 1981 hilal sighting p4
Page 4
MWL 1981 hilal sighting p5
Page 5
MWL 1981 hilal sighting p6
Page 6
12. Appendix 2

Email communication between Eng Qamar Uddin and Dr Steve Bell (2015) about Visibility Map Differences

email 2015 HMNAO p1
Page 1
email 2015 HMNAO p2
Page 2
13. Comments from Moon Sighting Researchers
Dr Salman Zafar Shaikh commented: "Your paper looks comprehensive and excellent MashaAllah. Also, you may want to include Shaykh Al-Othaimeen Fatwa for local [moon sighting for Ramadan] and for Eid ul Adha. Also, reference the Shaykh Ibrahim Memon's paper [on moon sighting]".
Dr Mamnun Khan commented: "This is one of the best succinct pieces of work I have yet read on this topic. It is a formidable proposal, a testament to your heavy contribution to this field of research. Allah will surely reward you abundantly".