Amongst the attendees of the Saudi conference was Mufakirul Islam Shaykh Sayed Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi رحمه الله and Shaykh Manzoor Nomani رحمه الله. These two were the renowned Scholars of the Islamic world at the time (both had spent time with Hadhrat Maulana Shaah Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalwi رحمه الله in the work of Da’wah Tabligh). After attending the conference they returned to Surat Rander Chunarwa Masjid, India. Here a conference of the Scholars of India was arranged. They explained that they were invited by the Saudi government to a conference without a stipulated agenda. They explained the desire of the Saudi government to adopt the ‘Birth of the New Moon’ calendar and also that all the Scholars present in the conference had unanimously rejected this concept due to it being against the Shari’ah. The two Shaykhs stated that the Saudi government nonetheless intended to initiate a great fitnah ignoring the opposition of the Scholars. They explained, the Saudi government will adopt this new system from the following year, as predicted it came to pass and remains the case to this day.

This matter has been written about in detail by Shaykh-ul-Hadith Mufti Saeed Ahmad Palanpuri Sahib حفظه الله (Darul Uloom Deoband) in a monthly leaflet called ‘Al-Furqan’ distributed in Lucknow, India.Saudi Arabia has created a timetable based on Greenwich New Moon calculations; this calendar known as the Umm Ul Qura calendar, many a time sets the beginning of the new month one day before the sighting of the crescent moon. In reality the 29th date of this calendar could actually be the 28th date. On this 28th date, Saudi accepts the false testimony of witnesses and makes an announcement of Eid or the start of Ramadhan one or two days before the entire globe. The reality is the moon has not usually been sighted anywhere on the entire Earth. In doing so it starts Ramadhan in Sha’baan, and declares Eid in Ramadhan, therefore unlawfully missing one obligatory fast. Thus, anywhere where Saudi is blindly followed a great fitnah ensues.


In 1984, there was an international conference held in London Central Masjid & Cultural Centre (Regents Park) for the purpose of discussing the Moon Sighting criteria of the UK:

This meeting was attended by approximately 350 Scholars from various Countries around the World, among the participants were: The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Scholars from Europe and also numerous Scholars from the UK who were specifically chosen from their association or work within a certain group of the Muslims (Da’wah Tabligh, Brelvi, Salafi etc), from the side of Jamiatul Ulama Britain, Mufti Aslam was invited, the foundation for sighting of the crescent moon to establish the new Islamic month in the UK was that the moon had to be sighted with the naked eye (Muhaqaq Ru’yat Basari). The outcome of the conference was that all the Scholars present unanimously agreed to abide by the agreed criteria. There were 30 senior Scholars from the UK present, all of whom confirmed their agreement to adopting the criteria by signing their names to it. The agreed criteria was then sent to the Grand Mufti of India, Hadhrat Mufti Abdur Raheem Lajpuri رحمه الله. The acceptance and confirmation of the criteria of 1984 is mentioned in the book Fatawa Raheemiya by Hadhrat Mufti Abdur Raheem Lajpuri رحمه الله.

However, even after the conference, the unanimous agreement and all the following events, the very next year, Jamiatul Ulama Britain & Hizbul Ulama UK broke their oath and unanimous agreement to the United Moon Sighting Criteria which was written at the Regents Park Masjid conference.