The reality is that there is no real Shari’ee witness behind the moon sighting announcements of the Saudi government. The Muslims of the UK who readily accept the sightings of the Saudi moon sighting place themselves in a number of problems:

  1. To offer an act of worship before its appointed time does not fulfil that act. I.e. you cannot pray Maghrib before the sun sets.
  2. To keep the fast of Ramadhan in Sha’baan (30th day). This day is known as Yaum ul Shuq (the day of doubt), to keep a fast on this day is Makruh Tahrimiee.
  3. Usually instead of fasting in Ramadhan which is Fardh, Eid is celebrated.
  4. The punishments that have been mentioned in the Shariah for purposely leaving a Fardh fast are disregarded.
  5. Those who rush to keep the 6 fasts of Shawaal after Ramadhan, end up keeping their fasts on the day of Eid ul Fitr which is Haram.
  6. The performance of Eid before its ascertained time, disregarding the rulings of Shariah and Sunnah in doubtful situations. The Prophet صلي الله عليه وسلم has ordered us to refrain from that which is doubtful for that which has no doubt.
  7. In Shariah, an action is enacted in a very careful and cautious manner which is the best of manners at the same time. These requirements are not seen in the actions and announcements of the Saudi government.
  8. Qurbani/Adhiyah is performed on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah, obviously not acceptable, as the time of Qurbani (Sacrifice) commences on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah.

Beware! those that are propagating the following of the Saudi ‘birth of the new moon’ sighting as proof for the entire Muslims World, are those that are turning the people away from the Pious Elders, Scholars and the Masjid, Markaz and Khanqahs. They are encouraging the layman to base their decisions of Ramadhan, Eid and religious matters etc from information they easily obtain from the internet and TV.

Throughout the Muslim World wherever communities of Muslims are present, they are usually connected and taught in accordance with the teachings of the Scholars of the Darul Uloom Deoband & Nizamudeen and hold firm to these teachings. In the countries where the Scholars follow this way, it is seen that the general masses readily accept their advice and recommendations. Through this, the Muslims in that country are saved from the tribulations of disunity and division. Regretfully, it is unfortunate that those in a position of authority like Jamiatul Ulama Britain & Hizbul Ulama UK do not act upon the teachings of the Pious Predecessors and as a result the Imaan and actions the Muslims in the UK is negatively affected.

We have laid bare for you the reality of the situation in the UK, what has preceeded it and what has happening now. The Muslim community in the UK is an equal partner and stakeholder in the development of Islamic institutions, Madariss and Masajid together with the Ulema. Tomorrow on the day of judgement let no Mulsim say, that the Ulema kept us in the dark with regards to this grave mistake pertaining to an obligatory act of worship. The rest is in Allah’s hands, he whom Allah guides none can misguide and he whom Allah leaves astray none can guide. What shall we do? Now that we understand what is right, it becomes incumbent upon us, to not only propagate this to other Muslims, but also to prevent this mistake from being repeated. While observing Islamic etiquettes we must advice our local management committees and Imams to follow the truth. If we can not unite on the truth on this issue, if we can not put aside our petty rivalry and sectarianism on this one issue, how will we confront the thousands of issues that lie before us, it is one thing to build Masajid and Madariss, what is more important is that these institutions operate in accordance with the divine laws of Allah and his Messenger صلي الله عليه وسلم.

May Allah unite us in this time of Fitnah; grant us the correct understanding of the Deen. May Allah forgive all wrongs that have been committed by us and join us upon righteousness which leads to His pleasure and nearness. آمين Ameen!

والله وحده هو المسؤول والمستعان وهو الهادي إلى سبل الخير والسّلام
مفتى محمد يوسف ڈنكا (عفاالله عنه)

Mufti Muhammad Yusuf Danka
Croydon Masjid & Islamic Centre (UK)