There are also many Imams of Masjids and large Islamic centres that state that they cannot oppose the committees and trustees of their areas. These Imams themselves state that they make Qadha of their Ramadhan fast, and why shouldn’t they? They are after all obligatory fasts. Even to observe them after their fixed time without reasonable excuse is a grave sin. The responsibility of the entire Muslim community lies on the shoulders of the Imam and Management committee, to remain silent on such matters may be the easier option today, but will no doubt prove difficult to explain tomorrow on the day of Judgement (Qiyamah).

In 2009, a meeting was held in Batley, UK between Wiqaf ul Ulema and Jamiat Ulema Britain for Uniting the Moon Sighting Announcements of the UK:

In Batley, there was a meeting held of 70 Scholars from the UK to unite the moon sighting announcements of the UK regions before Ramadhan 2010. This meeting was held for the Scholars specifically associated to the teachings of Darul Uloom Deoband. It was unfortunate that the representatives of Hizbul Ulema UK refused to turn up for the meeting. Mufti Aslam stated: ‘Our companions at Hizbul Ulema UK have failed to turn up, at the same time, they sought to prevent us (Jamiat Ulema Britain) from attending also. However, we seek a resolution to this problem (moon sighting announcement), for this reason we are here.’

A meeting was called on 5 different occasions. There was an agreement on a number of points of the criteria to establish the moon sighting announcements. The points that were left to be discussed included: Jame Ghafeer, Muhqaq Ruy’at e Basari etc. It was agreed that these points would be decided by sending letters to the large centres of the Deoband Scholars throughout the World. In all, 19 centres were chosen. Alhamdulillah, letters were prepared by the 3 large groups which represent the Scholars of the UK (Jamiat Ulema Britain, Wifaq Ul Ulema, Batley Ruy’at Hilal Committee). These 3 letters were prepared and days before they were due to be sent out, Mufti Aslam of Jamiat Ulema Britain phoned Mufti Yusuf Sacha Sahib in Batley requesting that no letters be sent out. Mufti Aslam stated that Jamiat Ulema Britain will continue with the current situation.Due to this, the entire Muslim Ummah in the UK has suffered again this year. This proves that the representative of Jamiat Ulema Britain and Hizbul Ulema UK are in no way inclined to follow a united moon sighting criteria for the UK Muslims. These are the very same groups which, after making a promise and oath, by signing their names to an agreement of 350 Scholars in 1984 they broke it. And in 2010, the promise they made in front of 70 Scholars was also broken. Their only desire is to follow the moon sighting criteria of the birth of new moon (Umm Ul Qura calendar) and make others act upon it also. The reality in the UK is that there apart from the moon sighting criteria and announcements there are numerous issues to be tackled. Even in these additional matters the groups of Jamiat Ulema Britain and Hizbul Ulema UK do not come forward for the sake of the Ummah.