Hadhrat Shaykh Ul Hadith نوّرالله مرقده has also written in Aap Beeti in clear words that the announcement the Saudi government are not subject to the sighting of the crescent moon, but are in fact based upon and conform to their Umm ul Qura calendar. The entire world is aware of the fact that to make announcements according to the ‘birth of the new moon’ is not the way of Islam, but of Judaism.

Hadhrat Shaykh نوّرالله مرقده writes: ‘On the 1st Dhul Hijjah 1396H, 23 November 1976 in the Umm ul Qura (Saudi governments Birth of the New Moon) Calendar, it is written that Monday will be the 1st Day of Dhul Hijjah and Hajj (day of Arafat) will be on the Tuesday. In Saudi, the Umm ul Qura calendar is followed. However, upon reaching Madinah (a few days later) it was announced that Hajj will be on Wednesday. Then on Friday, it was announced again that Hajj (day of Arafat) would be on Tuesday. (Aap Beeti, vol 7, p211)

The same incident occurred in 2005 also, when after 4 days the announcements were made in conformation with the Umm ul Qura calendar. Upon this alteration the Scholars of the Muslim World asked what evidence they had to support their change in announcement of the new moon. Due to the pressure from the Scholars, the government presented two witnesses, both of whom were older than 80 years old and needed strong spectacles to see clearly. ( 20/01/2005 الوطن سعودي - وقد وجدهما آبيرين فى السن يتجاوزعمر آل واحد منهما الثما نين ). From this incident it is apparent that the Saudi Government uses such people to substantiate their claims who cannot even see the road in front of them clearly. How then can such a person see the new crescent moon to establish the commencement of the new Islamic month?

Hadhrat Shaykh Moulana Zakaria Kandhalwi نوّرالله مرقده writes: (In India) ‘The witnessing of the crescent moon occurred on Tuesday night and Ramadhan commenced on Wednesday, however, In Saudi Ramadhan commenced on Monday’ (a two day difference). (Aap Beeti) Also Hadhrat Shaykh نوّرالله مرقده writes in another place: ‘on the 27th Ramadhan 1398H (1978), Qadhi Sahib (Abdul Qadir) left Madinah to celebrate Eid in Chawariya Pakistan. After performing Eid in Makkah, he got on a plane the same day to Karachi Pakistan. Upon reaching Pakistan, it was the 28th Ramadhan there. (Aap Beeti, vol 7, p249)

These types of incidents have unfortunately become common place. Meaning, the Saudi government moon sighting announcements are falling two days ahead of nearby Islamic countries that follow the Shariah moon sighting criteria. Allah has kept the path of the moon such that throughout the world, a difference of one day is common and possible. However, a delay in two days is impossible. The root cause of these discrepancies is the inaccurate announcements that are being made by the Saudi government and those countries or areas that follow the Saudi criteria/sighting.

Today, the select representatives of Hadhrat Shaykh Ul Hadith نوّرالله مرقده even while living in Madinah Munawarrah have continued to express their concern for the Saudi moon sighting announcements.

The Concern of the Elders of Nizamudeen Markaz for the Muslims in the UK:

Ameer Tablighi Hadhratjee Moulana Inaamul Hassan Kandhalwi رحمه الله wrote in a letter addressed to the Dewsbury Tablighi Markaz Shooraa: ‘The Month of Ramadhan and Eid are among the Symbols of Islam. Therefore we should be very cautious and fearful regarding the decision that is made in regards to these. As people regard the Jamat e Tabligh as a sincere Jamat, people look for the ruling passed by the Markaz to formulate their decisions. The entire nation’s fasting is dependant upon the moon being sighted correctly. The fixed orbits of the sun and moon are clearly mentioned in the Qur’an, where Allah states ‘the sun and the moon run on their fixed calculated courses (exactly).’(Surah 55, Ayat 6). When claims of moon sighting are made before there is the slightest possibility of sighting, no credit should be given to these claims and this position is in accordance with the actions of Jamhoor/the majority of Ulama.” (Hadhratjee Moulana Inamul Hassan Saheb, Banglawali Masjid, 15th Sha’baan 1407AH(1987)

Hadhrat Moulana Hassan Sahib Walsall حفظه الله stated in 1995 he went to perform Hajj. In the vicinity of Baitullah (Makkah) he met the Da’ee (caller to Islam), Moulana Umar Sahib رحمه الله Palanpuri. Hadhrat Moulana Hassan Sahib Walsall complained to him: ‘We are performing Eid on 3 days in the UK. Please do something about this.’ Moulana Umar Sahib Palanpuri replied: ‘I have written to the Dewsbury Shoora via Moulana Inamul Hassan رحمه الله . If they do not accept this reasoning now, they will be the ones to answer for their actions on the Day of Qiyamah.’ (Britannia mi Ruy’at Hilal, p59)

From this we can decisively conclude that all the respected elders of Deoband as well as Hadhrat Shaykh Ul Hadith Moulana Muhammad Zakaria نوّرالله مرقده , Moulana Inaamul Hassan رحمه الله and Moulana Umar Palanpuri رحمه الله are of the opinion that, to follow the criteria and announcement of Saudi in the UK is incorrect. It is very unfortunate and regrettable that we have allowed the advice of the pious and knowledgeable to fall on deaf ears and due to a conflict of interest amongst a few people, we remain divided. It is a very sad fact indeed, that as a result of the alliance between Jamiatul Ulama Britain & Hizbul Ulama, the UK, collectively has been denied ability (Toufeeq) to act upon the correct Shari’ah guidance.