Hadhrat Aqdas Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi رحمه الله writes: “If the skies are clear then the testimony of two or four people will not be sufficient, whether it is for Ramadhan or whether it is for Eid. On the other hand, if so many people came forward with testimonies, that it becomes clear that they are not lying, nor can such a large group lie, then the testimonies will be accepted and the new month will commence. (Bahishti Zewar part 3 p6/Ilm ul figh vol 3 p425/ Ta’limul Islam vol 4, p69)

‘If the skies are clear, a large group is essential for determining Ramadhan and Shawwal.’ (Ma La Budh Minh P93) ‘Imam Abu Hanifa رحمه الله states that a large group is essential when the skies are clear.’ (Rowdat un Naddiyah vol 1,p292)

To sight the moon is Wajib alal Kifaayah, hence when the skies are clear, not cloudy, and sighting the moon is possible (Imkan e Ru’yat), then one should practise upon the Wajib alal Kifaayah, and not remain sitting idle, content on the Moonsighting news of Saudi Arabia. (Fatwa Darul Uloom Kantharia, Mufti Abdullah Kavi)

Our Fuqahah (Jurist), Mutaqudimeen and Salaf us Saliheen have been unanimous on the ‘Ruy’at e A’amah’ principle. In this time of Fitnah the requirements of adopting Muhaqaq Ru’yat e Basari and Jamme Ghafeer holds great importance.

The Prophet has said: ‘I advise you to follow my Companions and then of those who come after them and those who come after them. After this, lies will spread until a person will swear an oath yet nobody will have requested it from him. A person will witness yet nobody will have requested it from him. (Jami Tirmidhi, vol 2, p48/Saheeh Bukhari vol 2, p1049/ Hakim, vol 1, p114)

In the famous Islamic monthly booklets known as ‘Al-khair’ Multania 2005’ (Ramadhan Hijri 1426) the senior Scholars of the sub continent have written extensively regarding the incorrectness of the Saudi announcement of moon sighting marking the start of Ramadhan and Eid. In this booklet an article makes mention of an individual who has now joined the effort of Da’wat e Tabligh. This person before joining this effort, knowingly used to give false testimony, testifying to the sighting of the crescent moon in the Sarhad province (in Pakistan), however after joining this effort he accepted his mistake and has done Tauba/Istighfar as well as notified the Ulama requesting Du’a for his and his group’s mischief. (Al-khair, p14)

From the above mentioned incident it is clear how this type of false testimony and its propaganda creates confusion unifying people on the incorrect moon sighting of Saudi Arabia. This explains how this new Fitnah has taken hold across the world since the initiation of the Umm ul Qura calendar.

The Islamic Centres of the World that follow the Hanafi Fiqh as taught by the Deoband Scholars have a spiritual and scholarly connection with three respected institutes: Darul Uloom Deoband, Mazahir ul Uloom Saharanpur, Jamia Islamia Dabhel, the senior Ulama at these institutions have unanimously and continuously stated the following:

‘To look for ease and decide upon the Saudi sighting decision for Ramadhan and Eid is not correct, even if a Fatwa permitting this was obtained, it would be against the principles of the Shari’ah, never should one blindly follow the sighting of Saudi Arabia. (Fatawa Darul Uloom Deoband, Mazahir ul Uloom Saharanpur, Jamia Islamia Dabhel, (18/Safar/1424 AH) 20/4/2003)