Monday 4th December 2023 | Ithnain 19th Jumada-I 1445 [?]
UK Moon Sighting Conference 2023

A national conference to revive the Sunnah of local moon sighting (with latest fatawa), InshaAllah.

By Eng. Qamar Uddin, ICOUK (Feb 2023/Shaban 1444)

There were lots of fiqh and technical evidence presented at the UK Moon Sighting Event, and the summary is as follows:

1. We stated at the outset that differences of opinion exist due to the absence of facts (evidence), but when independently verified facts are presented, all differences of opinion should merge into one.

2. There are 2 moon sighting opinions found in the books of Fiqh (written before the 19th century), which are: (1) local and (2) global.

3. We looked at their proofs and application in modern times (21st century) and concluded that opinion 1 (local) has the strongest and opinion 2 (global) has the weakest proofs from Quran and Sunnah.

4. The UK Moon Sighting observation data from the past 5 years (since 2018) showed that a UK-only criteria fully meets the Hijri calendar rule of Shariah (29/30 days/month). []

5. When the above data (with Hilal photos) were presented to many Darul Ulooms for their advice (fatawa), they all stated that, if Local Sighting is possible (and proven), then following far distant countries is not permissible, especially if they lead to 28 or 31 days/month (which does happen)!

Action: Ulama/Members Survey

We have compiled most of these fatawa into a booklet (56 pages) with English translations and shared it with many UK ulama groups (eg. Jamiat-e-Ulama, Wifaqul Ulama, etc). []

Many of the UK senior ulama we have consulted have recommended that we should start following Local Moon Sightings (UK-only) ASAP and leave all foreign countries (including Morocco).

We have conducted a national survey, and the majority of our UK Moon Sighters (85%+) have agreed to adopt UK-only moon sighting from this year 1444/2023, InshaAllah. []